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couple of suggestions:
1. note speed customization (rn it's too slow for my taste)
2. note hit window customization

3. note line amount (for example 5 lines instead of four)

4. note streak (kind of like in clone hero) + notification if FC'd

5. option to turn off note missed sound

overall i would like to see more customization

aside from that i look forward to this game as there are not much music games that work not on already made maps but generate them from music

also the 1$ price on sale is pretty much free so grab it while you can because it might get good updates

Hi domin42, thank you very much for playing the game, I really appreciate your comments, I took note of all the suggestions (including very good ones) I will be including in future updates. Keep rocking!!


It's a decent game for $1. Distinct lack of long notes when it matters.

Hey @lazarhead thanks, the long note is one of my next tasks.

keep rocking  :D 


nice, but i have 2 suggestions.
1: allow being able to hit the note when its under the circles.
2: please take steamvr out of the project, its making the game lag and harder to play.

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Hello,  thank you  SPIDERELI413 i wll add this in the next update. Keep Rocking!

2 Virus Detections in VirusTotal. Could you please check and clarify?

Link to virustotal result

Hello, thanks for alerting me to this problem, unfortunately the installer I'm using for my game is causing this problem, so I removed the installer and am providing the game in ZIP format for now. Any questions please let me know.

Hi Lucas,

Before anything, thanks for the very promptly response! :)

I just downloaded and scanned the zip file. It also gives 1 detection. I'll try to run with other antiviruses. Thanks again!


Hello heliodev, this is a false positive. Apparently Cylance does not care about false positives unless you are a client which is a shame. This means if you are a developer such as myself, you get boned by that 1/62 on VirusTotal and can't do anything to remove it.


Really good game indeed! Only problem I encountered during my playtime was that it sometimes crashes into a fatal error when I wanted to go back to the menu after finishing a song crashing the game. Keep your work up!

Greetings from Germany!


Hey NKillerXXL, how are you? Thanks for the feedback, I will release a new update as soon as possible to fix this issue. Keep rocking man!


The new update was released today :)


Nice! Thanks for letting me know :) 

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Awesome game, but I keep getting a fatal error when finishing a song. Also it would be awesome if there was a feature to map your own songs.


Hey SyCreeperGames, thanks for play Rhythm Any Music, i will fix this issue soon and release a new update. About the feature to map your own song, can you be more detailed? Thank you, keep rocking!

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For a mapping feature, something as simple as playing the songs and recording what keys the player press would work (the players basically could press the keys they want when they want in the song and the game could record that and save it as an extra difficulty).


I release a new update to fix the fatal error when finishing a song. If you find any issue you can tell me :). I like your idea about map songs, i will consider for future updates. Thank you SyCreeper Games.


10/10 keep up

Thanks budy :D


There was one time when Konami make a rhythm game that use your own music to play, called Beat Gather. I really love it, play it everyday with a lots of songs i collected. But the game is now shut down. BUT YOU MY FRIEND! YOU DID IT! LEMME KISS YOU!


Thank you very much, I made this game with all the love I feel for music. Very happy that you are having fun with Rhythm Any Music, if you can leave a review, it would be a great help. Great week man, keep rocking. 

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Hi Alejandro, your comment makes me very happy! :D Glad you're having fun with the game, and I really appreciate your rating. Thanks, keep rocking man!!


how are you so cool?


Thanks man :D